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JBY Creation is committed to sustainable development. Our mission is to guarantee you products and a service of quality, always more responsible and committed.

A will that translates into strong commitments

Our Packaging

Sustainable development is at the heart of JBY creation’s strategy, which is why our packaging has evolved to meet the requirements of environmental protection. All components of our packaging are designed in strict compliance with environmentally beneficial recycling, certifying by testing the absence of harmful resins such as PVC and EPS


Details about our recyclable packaging: 

– Recycled and recyclable plastic hanger (PP5)

– Recycled and recyclable plastic film (LD-PE 4)

– Recyclable cardboard box (PAP)

Label Oeko Tex

This label guarantees the manufacture of products without toxic substances for health, the body and the environment. You can request the production of your products with this label.


Our Recycled Products

Recycling gives fabrics a second life. Recycled yarns, which are naturally irregular, are reused to weave new products for a better preservation of our planet. 

The contrasts of colour and weaving visible on this textile are the guarantee of a manufacture based on recycled fibres:

Recycling Of Our Waste

JBY aims to significantly reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and thus protect future generations.

To do this and in addition to the process of recycling our textiles, we have set up a system of recycling and recycling of our waste of all kinds (cardboard, pallet, plastic, etc.) 

Our action plan for the years to come

Gradually Transforming Our Vehicle Fleet

In order to limit fuel consumption and C02 emissions, our objective is to transform our fleet of professional vehicles into electric or hybrid vehicles.

Planting of trees

For nature, for animals, for climate, for oxygen, for biodiversity …. There is a thousand and one reasons to support tree planting. That is why, in one of our fields, in Lançon de Provence, in the south of France, we will plant trees to participate in the biodiversity of our landscapes.

Consume Less

To limit the impact of our activities and continue our commitment to an eco-responsible approach, we want to switch to self-consumption. We want to install solar panels on our entire building. Thus, by opting for solar production, we will guarantee the development of renewable energies at the local level. We also aim to improve the thermal insulation of buildings to avoid overconsumption of energy